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The Forebearers - where it all began.

The Whipspan affix was first  registered in  the  mid 1960's, with the first litter of Cocker Spaniels born in 1969. 

Pointers were added in 1984, and 17 years on, they are still the same type and quality. At Whipspan Kennels, we take special pride in maintaining correct temperament, type and quality, and will continue to do so.

I would like to pay tribute to the two Pointers who are the foundation of this small and yet successful kennel and for who I still shed tears. I loved them very much.

Even though these loss of these two pointers still hurts, I am left with the comfort of their tremendous legacy - every pointer bred at Whipspan traces back to Bradman and Lacey.


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Jesterly Going for Gold at Whipspan JW
- "Bradman"

Sire: Ch/NZ Ch Wyndsmoor Rio Gold
Dam: Wyndsmoor Pearl

Photo taken after winning Junior Class at Leeds Champ Show.


Nikclairs Legacy to Whipspan - "Lacey"

Sire: Jesterly Going For Gold at Whipspan
Dam: Abidan Tiggywinkle

Photo taken at 5 and a half months
with her breeder, the late Peter Bolton.

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